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I am currently offering a critiquing service. This could be suitable for those working on a novel, applying to a writing course, such as an MA in Writing,  or for those who want a block of mentoring to move their writing along.  I can also offer one-off sessions for those working on a short story, or those who simply want advice on their writing. Whilst I am based in the Hope Valley, I can offer mentoring to those living in Sheffield as well.  It is best to meet up, but I can always give feedback by phone, email or Skype if meeting up isn’t possible.

Critiquing Service

For individual or one off sessions suitable for single chapaters or a short story, the fees are:

 1.5–2 hour long sessions – £45 for submissions of  up to 3000 words, or £65 for submissions of up to 4500.

I can look at longer pieces by arrangement – please note that there will be a small fee for extra pages.

Feedback will be both verbal and written, and will include a report with page notes. Please get in touch with me (via my contact page) to express your interest. I will then get back to you, requesting a sample of your work and a brief synopsis, (no more that one page of A4 for the synopsis). There is no charge for this service, and after I have read your submission, I will get back to you. If for any reason I think i can’t help you, I’ll let you know at this stage. All manuscripts should be sent to me by post. The manuscript should be printed on one side only of A4, double spaced with 12pt font, and with all the pages numbered, please.

 Mini-mentoring package

I am not currently offering mentoring services for a full novel, but I can offer a mini-mentoring package. This involves four submissions of up to 7500 words over a 6 to 8-month period.

The cost for this is £850, which includes four feedback sessions. There is a £250 deposit on booking and the balance is due before the second session. Longer pieces can by submitted by arrangement.

Again, please contact me to let me know about the project you are working on, along with a synopsis and a sample of your work. This will allow me to see if I can work on the project you have submitted.   I won’t charge for this initial consultation. Please submit your manuscripts in the same format – printed on one side only of A4, double spaced with 12pt font, with all pages numbered, please.

I will provide a written report with page notes for each section of work submitted, which I will report back with in a face-to-face feedback session, or if preferred, a telephone consultation, Skype or email.

Some of the areas covered will be:

  • Point of View
  • Structure and Plot
  • Characterisation
  • Narrative Drive
  • Style
  • Voice

As well as focusing on setting goals and moving your work forward.

All feedback will be measured and honest. The meetings will be an opportunity for you to discuss the feedback and to springboard ideas you may have. During mentoring, I will be keen not to affect or to influnce the writer, but to be sensitive and to nurture the writer’s work. Many ideas discussed in feedback sessions often develop into bigger ideas, so it is best to approach these sessions as an opportunity on how to improve  your work and not as a form of criticism!

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