I’m absolutely thrilled that my debut novel The Rain Tree will be published by Arrow in the spring of 2021. Journey with Miranda to post-war Singapore and enjoy a story of loss, longing and self-discovery – all set against a background of political upheaval. If you enjoy reading a story set against a tropical landscape as much as I enjoyed writing it, then this is the novel for you!

I have lived in various places, including Singapore, where I was based for three years, followed by a year in America. It was while living in Singapore in the late ‘80s that the first seeds of my debut novel, The Rain Tree developed. The crumbling buildings and the modern high-rises popping up almost overnight seemed to be a metaphor for the social diversity and change in Singapore at that time. The images soon conjured up the outline of my novel and which have developed over the years into my debut novel.

As for me – alongside writing I have worked in various capacitates, including teaching and running my own businesses, but for all of that time I really wanted to be a Full-time writer.  I can remember as a child writing short stories, turning them into little books and illustrating them before gluing the pages together with flour and water paste, or spending hours writing the beginning of a novel or poetry in the library at my boarding school when I should have been doing my homework. It is this need to write and a love of reading that led me to take a degree in English and European Thought and Literature, and later a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

As a writer I feel it is important to have a wide range of interests – not only does it adds flavour and layering to prose, but allows it allows time for ideas to mull and to percolate. People watching in cafés is one, long walks is another. And food! Good food is essential to meand I love to cook using the best ingredients I can find.

 I have two grownup daughters, and live in Warwickshire with my husband and an extremely friendly Labrador.

I am currently writing my second novel, which is set in Malaya during the Japanese occupation, and which tells the tale of separation, loss and reconciliation. This will be published in the spring of 2022, again by Arrow.

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